February 2021

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Hello readers and viewers. This site provides a place where people can print previously published articles and photos to put in scrapbooks and the like. All of the material here is protected by federal copyright laws. Therefore, it is not legal to copy and paste any part or all of any article or photograph in Facebook, or in paper publications (or on any other website, or on any TV station), from this site. This is a continuation of what formerly appeared on the Review Page of HardisonInk.com.
Jeff M. Hardison

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Editor’s note: While we started running individual stories for COVID-19 on March 13, 2020, the pandemic continues at a rapid pace.  Starting this July at the end of each month we will post a graph of the impact on our communities. Some local stories will still be posted separately. We will continue to do this each month, as necessary or until the pandemic is controlled. ~~ Thank you.

2-28-21 SRF 2021 Starts
2-28-21 Local Vets Donate To Help Reduce Veteran Suicides
2-26-21 Three trees are planted in Manatee Springs State Park
2-25-21 Hundreds more Levy Countians are vaccinated against COVID-19
2-25-21 Construction continues on future CMHS
2-24-21 Yankeetown chooses three leaders in municipal election
2-24-21 Safe And Reliable Electric Service
2-24-21 Levy County Public School System offers Career Technical Education
2-23-21 Woman crashes – gets cited
2-23-21 Bronson under a boil water notice
2-20-21 Dixie County Commission hears bridge design-build proposal
2-19-21 Two graduate from mental health court
2-19-21 Town Council establishes purchase limit for manager
2-18-21 City plans electric infrastructure improvement at municipal airport – Park Cleanup Day On Saturday
2-17-21 County grants permit for 715-acre solar electric generating facility
2-16-21 Levy County Commission proclaims February as Black History Month
2-16-21 Coalition Hosts Chamber Meeting
2-15-21 COVID-19 And County Jail Inmates – Concerned mother raises questions
2-12-21 Tri-County Saw Shop helps friends of local state parks
2-11-21 Creekside Christian School Trade Technologies Class Visits Chiefland School Project
2-10-21 WCAS dream heads toward reality – Topnotch animal shelter set for Williston
2-10-21 Daily news website becomes more mobile friendly
2-10-21 City leaders vote 3-2 to tag Waste Pro as ‘Habitual Offender’
2-9-21 TV Antenna Hawk
2-8-21 CKS FFA and ag classes grow crops and donate them
2-7-21 American Legion helps LARC
2-5-21 Dixie County strives to overcome bad bookkeeping; County commissioner cusses at chairman
2-4-21 FDOH set to vaccinate 500 in Levy County today Friday, Feb. 5 at drive-through
2-3-21 Town manager starts – clerk resigns; Council members and town lawyer to form strategy in response to lawsuit
2-3-21 Eileen DeCora wins Super Bowl Fun Contest
2-3-21 Cold Half Blue Moon
2-3-21 Commission considers roads and Santa Fe Park; Progress continues on Gilchrist County Jail
2-1-21 Hit-and-run crash rise in 2020

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