October 2020

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Hello readers and viewers. This site provides a place where people can print previously published articles and photos to put in scrapbooks and the like. All of the material here is protected by federal copyright laws. Therefore, it is not legal to copy and paste any part or all of any article or photograph in Facebook, or in paper publications (or on any other website, or on any TV station), from this site. This is a continuation of what formerly appeared on the Review Page of HardisonInk.com.
Jeff M. Hardison

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Editor’s note: While we started running individual stories for COVID-19 on March 13, 2020, the pandemic continues at a rapid pace.  Starting this July at the end of each month we will post a graph of the impact on our communities. Some local stories will still be posted separately. We will continue to do this each month, as necessary or until the pandemic is controlled. ~~ Thank you.

Click here for a printable version of our
2020 Hurricane Tracking Map and Info


10-1-20 Jury acquits man on one charge, convicts on another
10-2-20 Cedar Key Woman’s Club is keeping very busy
10-2-20 Daily News Website traffic stays steady
10-2-20 Incoming Williston city manager shares her vision for the city
10-2-20 Chiefland church uses highest risk form for Halloween celebration
10-3-20 Bears upend Tigers 48-20
10-3-20 Political party renews in Levy County
10-6-20 Commission agrees with state’s choice for next administrator of FDOH in Tri-County Area
10-6-20 Florida voter registration machinery breaks down; Extension Granted
10-7-20 Early voting set for Oct. 19-Nov. 1
10-9-20 FDOH offers drive-thru flu vaccines for students and adults
10-10-20 Yankeetown man allegedly murders father
10-14-20 Sentencing delayed for convicted felon; Other criminals jailed and more
10-15-20 Chiefland restarts student recognition program
10-17-20 Tigers beat Bulldogs 47-0
10-19-20 Levy County plans to help two business interests; Health center progressing In Chiefland
10-19-20 Paula Lessard seeks election to District #2 of Levy County Soil and Water Conservation Commission
10-21-20 Firetrucks visit AmVets Post 88 in Bronson
10-21-20 Kiosk construction starts in Inglis
10-22-20 Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office provides more assurance against voter intimidation
10-23-20 Chiefland Health Clinic construction moves forward
10-23-20 City Council advertises for replacement member
10-23-20 FBI seeks victim emails in 2020 election security matters
10-24-20 Tigers beat Red Devils 40-38
10-25-20 Chamber hears about tourism’s impact in Levy County
10-27-20 Home Stretch
10-30-20 Two Hidden Jail Cells
10-31-20 Campaigning In Dixie County
10-31-20 Chamber Welcomes People To Dixie County
10-31-20 Dixie County Public Library Gets New Sign In Cross City
10-31-20 Halloween Shares and Scares
10-31-20 Chamber Honors Veterans

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