September 2020

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Editor’s note: While we started running individual stories for COVID-19 on March 13, 2020, the pandemic continues at a rapid pace.  Starting this July at the end of each month we will post a graph of the impact on our communities. Some local stories will still be posted separately. We will continue to do this each month, as necessary or until the pandemic is controlled. ~~ Thank you.

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9-1-20 Teen shot at party
9-2-20 Daily News Website continues to thrive
9-2-20 Political sign stolen; Victim writes letter to thief
9-3-20 Cedar Key Woman’s Club gives quilts to Haven Hospice
9-4-20 2020 Tri-County Varsity Football Schedule
9-4-20 Williston accepts first chance to show good sportsmanship
9-5-20 Bronson thrashes Ocala Christian 40-26 in comeback win
9-5-20 Bronson Holds Senior Night
9-5-20 Six people shot in eastern Levy County
9-7-20 Hey American Hay
9-7-20 Treasure Camp Changes
9-8-20 Boaters Have Fun
9-8-20 Cattle rancher adds to operations due to COVID-19
9-9-20 Bronson Town Council advised to revise entire town charter before considering
9-9-20 WPD adds veteran police officer
9-10-20 Sheriff urges revision of ordinances for block parties
9-11-20 Jay Bushnell seeks election to District #4 of Levy County Soil and Water
9-12-20 Appleton to host online artist talk series via Zoom
9-12-20 CF to offer CARES Act scholarships for short-term programs
9-12-20 Do not call police when power goes out
9-12-20 Heat illness prevention campaign launched
9-12-20 Sally Presents Some Flash Flooding Potential
9-14-20 City adopts special tax for fire protection
9-15-20 Another Bronson clerk resigns
9-15-20 Man to be offered city manager job
9-16-20 Publisher shows six candidates’ responses to questions
9-16-20 Inky the cat selects winner in The Money Tree Contest
9-17-20 National wildlife hero to accept award on Oct. 22; This year’s winner is local
9-17-20 Two races show winners and two races require runoffs
9-18-20 Mayor accepts resignation; Councilman chooses to stay
9-19-20 Come on and ZOOM
9-19-20 Dixie County Bears beat Williston Red Devils 40-18
9-20-20 Candlelight vigil held to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg at Levy County Courthouse
9-21-20 1 Golf Cart, 1 Dirt Bike And 2 Deer
9-21-20 Levy County Democratic Party brings star power to bear at virtual gala
9-21-20 Town seeks deputy clerk applicants
9-22-20 Williston shows progress; Potential exists to become future tiny house hub of the Southeast
9-24-20 Woman shines as exemplary graduate from Levy County Mental Health Court
9-25-20 Berlon Weeks’ resignation holds after Town Council votes 3-1 to recognize it
9-25-20 Williston slates special City Council meeting for Sept. 29
9-26-20 Marhefka and Carter win in Cross City runoff elections
9-26-20 Biden and Trump supporters hold signs
9-27-20 Chiefland Farmer’s Flea Market hosts Fix Them All and Dr. Natalie Isaza
9-27-20 Sunday Hilltop View
9-28-20 Mail Ballots sent for the Nov. 3 general election
9-29-20 First jury selection completed in Levy County since COVID-19 pandemic
9-29-20 Harvest Time
9-29-20 Lieutenant Escorted