August 2020

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Editor’s note: While we started running individual stories for COVID-19 on March 13, 2020, the pandemic continues at a rapid pace.  Starting this July at the end of each month we will post a graph of the impact on our communities. Some local stories will still be posted separately. We will continue to do this each month, as necessary or until the pandemic is controlled. ~~ Thank you.

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8-31-20 FWC certifies new state record flathead catfish
8-31-20 Man arrested after allegedly shooting in direction of law enforcement officers
8-28-20 FDOH sees school children affected by COVID-19 in Tri-County Area; 41 children positive in first two weeks
8-28-20 Improved public boat ramp opens for use in Yankeetown
8-27-20 Florida Emergency Management opens COVID-19 test site in Williston – Aug. 29 and 30
8-27-20 Birds And Nature
8-26-20 Chiefland Career Center closes temporarily due to COVID-19
8-26-20 Quincey Cattle Co. has pop-up sales
8-26-20 CF opens ‘Masks and Makers’ exhibition virtually
8-25-20 Strickland Park, Trailhead Park revival and CPD body cams
8-25-20 Bronson town manager search set to start Sept. 8
8-24-20 Rotarians learn about BubbaQue’s; Now open in Trenton
8-24-20 CF hosts jobs of the future virtual event
8-23-20 Mayor’s input directs City Council action
8-22-20 Phoenix Rising – Popeye’s Chicken Is Coming
8-20-20 Media group donates to help students be ‘COVID Health Heroes’
8-20-20 Florida deals with ‘We Build The Wall Charity’
8-19-20 Levy County distributes $1.1 million to business interests to offset COVID-19 losses
8-19-20 Election Results Updated
8-18-20 Campaigners Are Out
8-18-20 Bronson seeks qualified worker for municipal government job
8-17-20 Man convicted of DUI manslaughter gets 10 years in prison and five years of probation
8-15-20 Three Levy County Jail inmates have COVID-19; 246 FDOC CCCI inmates in Dixie County have COVID-19
8-15-20 Fla. Emergency Management Region 3 IMT opens COVID-19 test site for two days in Inglis – Aug. 22 and 23
8-14-20 CF offers computer access to new SkillUp online training platform
8-13-20 LCSO uncovers ‘Chop Shop’
8-13-20 Cute School Bus Art
8-12-20 IFAS issues picker parades alert
8-12-20 First four city manager candidates show backgrounds
8-11-20 Owl Finds Camera
8-11-20 Chiefland keeps M.T. Causely for building inspections; Pledge of Civility fails
8-8-20 9th Annual Back to School Bash gives 624 backpacks to children
8-8-20 Michael Reynolds signs with Warner University to play football
8-7-20 Williston moves forward with city manager selection process
8-7-20 Levy County Canvassing Board Meets
8-7-20 LCSO phone lines attacked again
8-6-20 Williston leaders grapple with topics
8-5-20 Workforce resiliency promoted with free job training and industry certification
8-5-20 Lance Hayes wins Chiefland
8-5-20 Another sheriff joins McCallum and Schultz as a COVID-19 victim
8-4-20 Sinkhole-1 FDOT-0
8-4-20 Sheriff Bobby McCallum tests positive for COVID-19
8-4-20 Longtime Bronson Worker Quits
8-4-20 Horse center approved for more development
8-3-20 Making Hay
8-3-20 Face masks approved for tax break Aug. 7-9
8-1-20 Daily News Website’s Unique Visitor average is 11,000-plus monthly