May 2020

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Editor’s note: While we started running individual stories for COVID-19, the news is happening fast and is ever changing. We cannot possible post each individually. At the end of the month we will have a COVID-19 post with all we had covered. Some local stories will still be posted separately. If necessary, we will do that again each month until the pandemic is controlled. ~~ Thank you.


5-30-20 Memorial wall unveiled at Eddie Buie Park; Ernest A. Haile Jr. Memorialized
5-29-20 33rd World No Tobacco Day is Sunday, May 31
5-28-20 Watermelon Harvesting
5-28-20 Watermelon Time
5-28-20 Two Levy County men arrested after robbery spree and battery of elderly victims
5-28-20 Levy County libraries continue serving patrons
5-27-20 Levy County opening Blue Springs Park on June 1 and Henry Beck Park on June 5
5-27-20 Driver accused of leaving scene after damaging vets’ memorials
5-27-20 County commissioner intends to help family utilize its family cemetery;
5-26-20 Police chief named as interim city manager
5-26-20 Manatee Road satellite transfer station opens
5-22-20 FWC asks people to conserve beach nesting birds
5-21-20 Fatal crashes claim two lives in Levy and Gilchrist counties
5-20-20 Vacation rentals approved to open in Levy County today; Bar owner says why she wants to reopen
5-20-20 Bronson preps for 4th of July
5-19-20 FWC joins USCG in urging boaters to stay safe
5-19-20 City manager resigns; City clerk gets raise
5-19-20 CareerSource extends hours
5-18-20 Murder suspect returned to Gilchrist County Jail
5-18-20 JNC selects top 6 candidates for circuit court judge appointment
5-18-20 Dixie County and Gilchrist County COVID-19 testing available via drive-through
5-14-20 Levy County starts drive-through tests; Gilchrist and Dixie counties set for drive-through testing too
5-13-20 Third satellite garbage collection site to open in Levy County
5-11-20 COVID-19 free drive-up testing May 14, 15, 16 and 18 in Levy County
5-10-20 Deer, Flowers and Stephen Cool Bird
5-10-20 Farm Beauty
5-9-20 Farmers urged to participate in Univ. of Florida COVID-19 study
5-9-20 Be ready for hurricane season
5-8-20 Truck Drivers Thanked With Free Meals
5-8-20 COVID-19 testing expands in Levy County
5-7-20 Williston offers National Day of Prayer video
5-7-20 Bronson Town Council to meet in two weeks

5-6-20 Trenton girl earns top state honors for Agriculture History Award essay contest
5-6-20 COVID-19 continues to hamstring government meetings; Williston shows continue
progress overcoming obstacles

5-6-20 CF to distribute $2.5 million to students from CARES Act funds
5-5-20 Rural Tobacco Summit goes virtual this year
5-5-20 Levy County to stay within limits
5-3-20 10,000-plus Unique Visitors go to daily news website
5-2-20 Superintendent Jeff Edison announces commencement plans at Levy County Schools
5-2-20 Levy County tips the scales to reopen more than state guidelines
5-1-20 Gilchrist County opens parks
5-1-20 COVID-19 tests conducted at Cedar Key
5-1-20 Cedar Key to reopen on Monday
COVID-19 5-1-20 through 5-31-20