April 2020

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Editor’s note: While we started running individual stories for COVID-19, the news is happening fast and is ever changing. We cannot possible post each individually. At the end of the month we will have a COVID-19 post with all we had covered. Some local stories will still be posted separately. If necessary, we will do that again each month until the pandemic is controlled. ~~ Thank you.



4-30-20 Gov. DeSantis announces first phase of lifting COVID-19 restrictions in Florida
4-30-20 Bronson Town Council set to meet May 5
4-30-20 Alachua County and Levy County supervisors of elections encourage voting by mail
4-29-20 Florida Supervisors of Elections awards scholarship in memory of Supervisor Joy Smith
4-29-20 CFEC lowers power cost for May to help members
4-28-20 Levy County Road Department Works
4-27-20 Jamey King announces his candidacy for Dixie County sheriff
4-27-20 CKWC names Vicki Crumpley as Volunteer of the Year 2019
4-24-20 Tri-County Area escapes weather damage
4-23-20 Williston City Council virtual meeting provides clear audio
4-23-20 FDOT invites people to the April 30 M-CORES Suncoast Corridor Webinar
4-22-20 Levy County gets interim building director
4-21-20 Candidate list grows in elections in Tri-County Area
4-20-20 Tornado causes truck damage after lifting building
4-20-20 President of Florida Supervisors of Elections disagrees with President Trump’s stance against mail-in ballots
4-18-20 Recycling Delayed
4-18-20 Campus Credit Union donates to support CF emergency fund programs
4-17-20 Levy County Clerk’s Office provides TurboCourt for filing via the Internet
4-16-20 Bronson mayor cancels April 20 Town Council meeting
4-15-20 Oath of Office Administered in Williston
4-12-20 Saturday Sunrise
4-11-20 Signs of the Times
4-9-20 Bronson Town Council meets in auditorium
4-8-20 Super moon and super turkey
4-8-20 Williston’s virtual City Council meeting succeeds
4-8-20 Blue Watering Can Contest Winner Selected By Inky
4-7-20 Paper applications for Reemployment Assistance offered at CareerSource centers
4-7-20 Levy County Supervisor of Elections Office offers
4-7-20 Levy County Commission votes 3-2 favoring no build resolution regarding toll roads
4-6-20 Consider Vote by Mail
4-6-20 Circuit court judge vacancy announced
4-3-20 Levy County opens 2nd satellite
4-3-20 Levy County COVID-19 violation
4-3-20 MCSO starts producing medical masks
4-3-20 Levy County Commission office closed to walk-in traffic and more updates
4-3-20 Inglis explores potential for centralized sewer treatment
4-2-20 Williston City Council meeting on April 7 open virtually
4-2-20 Bronson mayor changes date, time and place for Town Council meeting
4-1-20 12,000-plus unique visitors go to daily news website
COVID-19 4-1-20 through 4-30-20