March 2020

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Editor’s note: While we started running individual stories for COVID-19, the news is happening fast and is ever changing. We cannot possible post each individually. At the end of the month we will have a COVID-19 post with all we had covered. Some local stories will still be posted separately. If necessary, we will do that again each month until the pandemic is controlled. ~~ Thank you.


COVID-19 – 3-13-20 to 3-31-20
3-30-20 Dixie County sheriff notes DCSO modified operations
3-30-20 Cedar Key tourists spillover to Shell Mound Park
3-28-20 NCBDC director shares information about business resources
3-28-20 Inky Watches TV
3-28-20 Foggy Friday Morning
3-28-20 A Whimsical Message
3-27-20 Levy County Commission schedules emergency meeting
3-27-20 First case of COVID-19 confirmed
3-27-20 Chiefland Flea Market closing at 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday and then until further notice
3-26-20 Grocery stores, pharmacies, hotels and restaurants revise operations for now
3-26-20 Levy County 4-H members participate In SRF
3-25-20 Levy County party shows people throwing caution to the wind
3-25-20 Armadillo And Cat
3-24-20 A Message from Sheriff Bobby McCallum
3-23-20 Cedar Key School valedictorian and salutatorian named
3-22-20 Nature Coast Florida Master Gardeners’ Back the Blue Project stands as a testament to working together
3-20-20 CFEC closes lobbies
3-19-20 First Responders Answer Call
3-19-20 Spring is here
3-18-20 Provisional ballots may determine Inglis election winners
3-15-20 WPD WFR banquet
3-12-20 Tourists see wildlife galore during astounding boat ride
3-11-20 Woodpecker Visits
3-10-20 FDOH issues update
3-8-20 Spoonbills Pelicans and Moon
3-8-20 Levy County Prevention Coalition efforts heralded at meeting
3-8-20 15th Annual Dixie County Education-Business Partnership Luncheon
3-7-20 Wood Storks Confer
3-7-20 9th Annual Car Show wins
3-4-20 Convict gets two life sentences in Levy County
3-4-20 Ivan Chubb honored
3-2-20 Florida Department of Health announces two presumptive positive Covid-19 cases in Fla.
3-1-20 College preview shows gem of a resource
3-1-20 Annual meeting focuses on national wildlife refuges