February 2020

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Jeff M. Hardison

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2-29-20 SCV presents awards to GCSO
2-28-20 Almost 13,000 lives saved in one year of donations
2-28-20 Photo Shoot
2-28-20 Danny Elkins Obituary
2-27-20 FWC regional director visits The Ink Pad
2-27-20 Four-day water science exploration trip offered
2-25-20 Haven employee makes final goodbyes possible
2-22-20 Coalition forms to fight drug abuse in Gilchrist County
2-22-20 11 honored at 19th annual event
2-19-20 Williston City Council shares progress report during meeting
2-19-20 Progress continues toward Otter Springs Park and Campground switching from septic tanks to sewer service
2-19-20 People urged to welcome the Census
2-19-20 M-CORES Protests Persist
2-19-20 Levy County library use stays strong
2-18-20 Rotarians learn about animal massages
2-17-20 Turkeys and Fog
2-16-20 Jerry Lawrence announces candidacy for Levy County Superintendent of Schools
2-16-20 Dixie County Chamber of Commerce meets
2-13-20 SRWMD gives sales pitch
2-13-20 Historic pencil company display unveiled in Cedar Key
2-11-20 Chiefland students honored
2-11-20 100-plus daughters dance with dads
2-11-20 Stars Gala shows resounding success
2-10-20 Cedar Key FFA Places At Florida State Fair
2-10-20 Chiefland gets new police cars
2-9-20 Library administrative assistant apologizes to complainer
2-8-20 Winner selected in first contest of Year 10
2-7-20 Parade and basketball game highlight school’s homecoming activities
2-7-20 Early Moon Shot
2-5-20 Levy County moves forward with business development
2-5-20 Toni Collins complains, Democrats don’t care
2-4-20 Town Council mitigates town workers’ request
2-2-20 Saturday Sunset