January 2020

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Jeff M. Hardison




1-31-20 Wild hog sighting wraps up Year Nine
1-30-20 Jury rules man is guilty of two counts of attempted first degree murder
1-29-20 M-CORES event offers zero answers for press
1-28-20 Dixie County Chamber Holds 55th Annual Meeting
1-28-20 KFC planned for Chiefland
1-28-20 Capt. Ray Tremblay honored on brink of retirement
1-26-20 WMHS hosts JROTC drill competition
1-25-20 Big Bend Chevrolet sponsors business mixer
1-21-20 Quick Care Med Comes To Chiefland
1-21-20 Cross City celebrates MLK Day
1-20-20 MLK Day celebrated in Chiefland
1-19-20 MLK Celebration In Williston
1-17-20 Debra Jones to replace
1-16-20 Voter University starts in Levy County
1-16-20 Publisher joins other entrepreneurs noted by FLVEC
1-16-20 FHP arrests murder suspect
1-15-20 Williston unveils downtown dream
1-15-20 Bridge replacement and road realignment project to begin
1-9-20 People petition government with grievances
1-8-20 Popeye’s plans to build in Williston
1-7-20 Rotarians learn about candidate for state attorney
1-7-20 Rocket Lights The Sky
1-2-20 Rosewood Massacre is memorialized
1-1-20 Two advisory board members experience first meeting with some degree of intensity
1-1-20 2019 numbers show daily news website continues with strength