November 2019

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11-30-19 Clay Landing Days succeeds
11-30-19 Cedar Key Woman’s Club 2019 Fall Market
11-29-19 CKWC honors calendar photographers
11-29-19 City approves land donation for public library expansion
11-26-19 Ducks wait… for tidal flow before racing
11-26-19 Seafood festival grows
11-26-19 Farm Share event succeeds
11-24-19 Democratic gala fills Cedar Key Community Center to the max
11-24-19 Chiefland loses regional FHSAA heartbreaker 32-27
11-22-19 Road Closed In Levy County
11-22-19 Levy County 4-H hosts the 2019 Tropicana
11-22-19 CKS Ag Studies Shine
11-19-19 History buffs attend program in Cedar Key
11-17-19 Bluegrass band helps Cedar Key School
11-17-19 A&M Manufacturing cuts the ribbon at new location
11-16-19 Madison Reynolds signs to play softball
11-16-19 Chiefland beats Newberry 20-19
11-15-19 Debbie’s Veggies thrives at flea market
11-15-19 New Williston Chamber directors listed
11-13-19 Tri-County Saw Shop breaks ground
11-12-19 Sylvia Hiers wins
11-12-19 Cross City honors veterans with
11-9-19 Union County defeats Dixie
11-8-19 Future hotel serves
11-7-19 Mayor Emeritus Honored
11-6-19 Williston Ribbon Cutting and Business of the Month
11-6-19 Public works director resigns
11-6-19 HDG Hotels celebrates
11-4-19 State Attorney William Cervone
11-2-19 9th Annual All Saints Day