September 2019

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9-30-19 Birds Decorate Trees
9-30-19 County sends collection agency to collect from accident victim before ever asking patient for payment
9-28-19 Veterans help veterans
9-27-19 Tourism helps Levy County residents and visitors
9-25-19 People demand more input for growth management
9-24-19 City leader moves out of the city
9-23-19 Blake Wallenda Walks In The Sky Over Six
9-22-19 Historic retirement party sets the bar for future fun
9-21-19 Dixie County Bears edge out Chiefland
9-20-19 The Hemp Station opens in Chiefland
9-20-19 Levy County to celebrate National 4-H Week
9-19-19 Chief Theater Gets A Facelift
9-18-19 Rosewood request results in 3-2 vote
9-18-19 Chiefland Chamber ribbon cuttings
9-18-19 Tri-County Area Astronomical Beauty
9-17-19 Friends of ForVets
9-17-19 Sheriff pledges in the AES Safety Patrol
9-16-19 Chiefland attorney disbarred
9-15-19 Axis of family fun starts with axes
9-15-19 Chamber guests dine well
9-15-19 NCBDC conducts goal
9-15-19 Levy County 4-H Banquet
9-13-19 New device used to save lives
9-11-19 Three Chiefland commissioners take oath of office; Bronson elects three to Town Council
9-9-19 River and spring tour reveal flowers
9-9-19 Case remains active for car versus high school
9-8-19 First Responders Fed
9-8-19 Eagles Decorated
9-8-19 Democrats Meet
9-6-19 Daily news website maintains million
9-5-19 Flood waters bring damage and opportunities for fun
9-5-19 Bearded Outdoors cuts ribbon
9-4-19 WPD announces new deputy chief
9-4-19 Hurricane News Final