April 2019

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Jeff M. Hardison



4-30-19 Ribbon cut to open High Maintenance Salon
4-29-19 Dixie County Chamber of Commerce does it again
4-25-19 Walmart helps Tri-County Area Families
4-25-19 HardisonInk.com Walmart Helps
4-23-19 HardisonInk.com Chiefland Leader Takes Oath
4-22-19 Quick Care Medical eyes Chiefland
4-19-19 HardisonInk.com Storms passes through Levy County
4-18-19 HardisonInk.com Progress Unveiled at Williston meeting
4-16-19 HardisonInk.com Decorum absent from Bronson Town Council meeting
4-13-19 HardisonInk.com Deer!
4-12-19 HardisonInk.com Endorsement and 2020 seats
4-12-19 HardisonInk.com Two business owners share insight at Chamber lunch
4-10-19 HardisonInk.com Levy County Fair Livestock Photos and Results Shared
4-9-19 HardisonInk.com New Chiefland city commissioner appointed
4-8-19 HardisonInk.com Update– Attorney jailed for indirect civil contempt of court
4-6-19 HardisonInk.com Publisher starts 90-day bone-growth program
4-5-19 HardisonInk.com Five DCHS students wrap up competition for scholarship
4-3-19 HardisonInk.com March results mirror daily news website’s continued success
4-2-19 HardisonInk.com Cedar Key Art Fest
4-1-19 HardisonInk.com Mosquito helicoper fly-in