November 2018

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Jeff M. Hardison


11-30-18 All fired up
11-29-18 Signs Of The Time
11-29-18 Learners treated to Publix subs
11-28-18 Clay Landing Days Succeeds
11-28-18 WGP Friends and CK Refuge news
11-28-18 Chiefland alcohol sales on Sunday
11-26-18 BHS Wins
11-25-18 Publisher tracks and cures invasive ad
11-25-18 Cedar Key Woman Club Fall Market
11-24-18 Chiefland loses FHSAA Regional Final
11-23-18 3 WPD Reserve Officers take the Oath of Office
11-23-18 Levy County Supervisor
11-23-18 FUMC honors
11-21-18 Firehouse Subs Public Safety
11-19-18 Yankeetown Seafood Festival
11-17-18 Levy County votes counted manually
11-17-18 Chiefland wins semi-regional
11-13-18 Historic march set for Chiefland
11-13-18 Big plane somewhat dwarfs
11-11-18 Winner accepts certificate
11-11-18 Deer Pass
11-11-18 Dixie County celebrates its
11-9-18 Community effort restores home after fire
11-8-18 Williston holds first city council meeting in new City Hall
11-5-18 Killer sentenced to two life terms
11-4-18 Cannon fires at Chiefland Farmer
11-4 to 9-2018 Operation Roll The Dice
11-4-18 Cookies and other items help church
11-3-18 Jury rules man is guilty of first
11-3-18 HardisonInk in the millions
11-3-18 Chiefland claims Levy County Championship win
10-3 to 11-2-18 FHP shares pictures of hit and run suspect