August 2018

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August 2018


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8-31-18 FHP honors first Florida state law enforcement officer murdered
8-29-18 Gilchrist County Rotarians
8-28-18 Peanut Harvesting
8-28-18 Election Results
8-26-18 Flying Ambulance Launches
8-26-18 Brother honors brother
8-25-18 Vet fest offers fun, food, music, information and more
8-23-18 Rotarians rock the Tri-County
8-22-18 Bronson accepts 5-year WCA
8-20-18 Tie-Tying Activity
8-20-18 Hospital open house reflects continued progress
8-17-18 HardisonInk.comSCORE of Citrus County accepts Levy County as a service area
8-14-18 District governor visits Gilchrist County Rotary Club
8-13-18 Man sues Levy County School Board
8-11-18 Trimm Auction Services takes bidding
8-10-18 Son of fallen deputy starts VPK
8-7-18 Tim West wins Chiefland election
8-5-18 Ribbon is cut at new DCHS
8-5-18 One candidate for Congress
8-5-18 Daily news website shows continued high traffic
8-4-18 Former pro football player and war hero
8-4-18 Bronson Eagles win
8-1-18 Levy County Commission speak at forum