December 2017

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Jeff M. Hardison


12-31-17 Publisher reviews 2017
12-29-17 The Children’s Table Sends first shipment
12-22-17 Needles is wounded
12-22-17 Goat rancher shoots and kills one suspected killer dog
12-21-17 Santa Claus visits Williston
12-21-17 Two Doe Conduct Recon Mission For Santa Claus
12-21-17 Dixie County deputy saves lives
12-21-17 Commission votes for study
12-20-17 School leader sounds legislative alarm
12-20-17 RV park gets green lights
12-19-17 Holly McGlashan named
12-18-17 First female soldier is keynote speaker
12-17-17 Distribution of toys mission succeeds
12-17-18 Judge explains sentences
12-17-17 BMH Band Director and Band Members Wash Cars
12-16-17 Investing program sandwiched in holiday party
12-16-17 Clyatt House Christmas Program
12-12-17 City Commission considers ordinance
12-10-17 Six strays become pets
12-8-17 Williston moves forward with
12-8-17 Levy County stops accepting glass for recycling
12-8-17 Ground is broken for future animal shelter
12-8-17 CF Ocala conducts 3rd Annual Holiday Bake
12-8-17 CF Jack Wilkinson Levy County Campus conducts
12-7-18 Bell High School Honors
12-7-17 Mayor presents award to students
12-7-17 Dunnellon Police chief says
12-6-17 Mike Joyner Award announced by Florida Intelligence Unit
12-6-17 Fiberglass clams coming to Levy County
12-6-17 County applies for road funding
12-6-17 Atheists lose
12-5-17 Sheriff speaks about shooting
12-4-17 Deputies return after fatal shooting
12-3-17 Christmas music draws talent and listeners to Old Town
12-2-17 People keep traffic high to daily news website
12-2-17 Marines win
12-2-17 Guardian Ad Litem Riders
12-2-17 Friday Nights Done Right
12-1-17 Suwannee Valley Players perform Sanders Family Christmas