October 2017

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HardisonInkCopyrightHello readers and viewers. This site provides a place where people can print previously published articles and photos to put in scrapbooks and the like. All of the material here is protected by federal copyright laws. Therefore, it is not legal to copy and paste any part or all of any article or photograph in Facebook, or in paper publications (or on any other website, or on any TV station), from this site. This is a continuation of what formerly appeared on the Review Page of HardisonInk.com.
Jeff M. Hardison


10-30-17 HardisonInk.com Bronson Trunk or Treat
10-30-17 HardisonInk.com Elvis seen in Inglis
10-29-17 HardisonInk.com Fox Squirrel Collects
10-29-17 HardisonInk.com U Pick Lane From The Air
10-29-17 HardisonInk.com Ride To Provide keeps evolving
10-29-17 HardisonInk.com American Sign Language
10-27-17 HardisonInk.com 2017 Seafood Festival Parade provides fun for all
10-27-17 HardisonInk.com Levy County Food Service employees exhibit
10-25-17 HardisonInk.com Professionals Endorse Creating Wills
10-24-17 HardisonInk.com WMHS hosts JROTC sports event
10-22-17 HardisonInk.com Trenton Tigers beat
10-22-17 HardisonInk.com Cedar Key Annual Seafood
10-22-17 HardisonInk.com Big Bend Shellfish Trail dedicated
10-21-17 HardisonInk.com Levy County couple earns top annual state honors
10-17-17 HardisonInk.com Woman’s body
10-17-17 HardisonInk.com Car show draws scores of vehicles to Gilchrist County
10-15-17 HardisonInk.com Cross City Train Depot
10-11-17 HardisonInk.com Gator Works Computer succeeds where The Geek Squad failed
10-10-17 HardisonInk.com Sheriffs Thank Senator
10-9-17 HardisonInk.com Music Bash
10-8-2017 HardisonInk.com Students share insight from trips at CFEC Annual Meeting
10-8-17 HardisonInk.com People enjoy Peanut Festival in Williston
10-7-17 HardisonInk.com Legislators are shown appreciation for
10-7-17 HardisonInk.com Levy County accepts
10-6-17 HardisonInk.com State lawmakers visit Cross City and Trenton
10-5-17 HardisonInk.com Bell Middle School
10-3-17 HardisonInk.com Williston Sidewalk Progresses
10-3-17 HardisonInk.com Dr. Lindo returns to RGH
10-3-17 HardisonInk.com Commissioner Putnam waives rules to help Puerto Ricans evacuate with pets
10-02-17 HardisonInk.com U.S. Coast Guard