August 2017

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Jeff M. Hardison


8-31-17 Senator Bill Nelson Visits
8-29-17 Williston to develop plan
8-29-17 ER planned for Chiefland
8-27-17 Sheriff sends a message to residents and visitors
8-26-17 Tigers beat Indians 37
8-25-17 Japanese restaurant offers many choices on its many menus
8-24-17 Williston installs new city councilwoman
8-24-17 Dixie County Rotarians greet district governor
8-23-17 Williston Interact preps for 2017
8-23-17 SRWMD presents PILT check
8-23-17 Levy County agrees to spend money for
8-23-17 Gulf Hammock wins
8-19-17 Two Williston teens compete in national fishing tournament
8-19-17 Dogs and cats find new homes
8-10-17 Eclipse captured from Levy County.docx
8-17-17 Levy County Commission revises
8-13-17 Tampa Bay Rays beat
8-12-17 CF cuts the ribbon
8-10-17 Levy County employees
8-9-17 Young man honored
8-9-17 Methodist preacher and wife
8-9-17 Cattle industry leaders honored
8-9-17 Bronson candidates qualify
8-8-17 District governor visits Trenton Rotary Club
8-5-17 Levy County adopts controversial plan to control
8-4-17 Footers pass inspection at house that has moved
8-3-17 Sheriff commends deputies
8-2-17 WPD adds reserve officer
8-1-17 Haymakers Roll On Monday