July 2017

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Jeff M. Hardison


7-31-17 HardisonInk.com Florida Department of Health
7-31-17 HardisonInk.com Big crowd attends 6th Epic End of Summer
7-30-17 HardisonInk.com Hobbyist pilot captures colorful
7-27-17 HardisonInk.com Williston election may be delayed
7-26-17 HardisonInk.com Intersection improvements expected to start within a year for Chiefland intersection
7-26-17 HardisonInk.com Chiefland reduces access to area north of Delma Locke Park
7-26-17 HardisonInk.com 4-H Marine Science Camp
7-25-17 HardisonInk.com Rotary Club of Trenton learns about Florida cattle
7-21-17 HardisonInk.com New Drone Flights
7-21-17 HardisonInk.com GCSO makes history with big heroin seizure
7-21-17 HardisonInk.com CFEC shares safety insight
7-20-17 Levy County 4-H Animal Projects
7-18-17 HardisonInk.com Call for donors continues
7-17-17 HardisonInk.com CF Foundation receives
7-14-17 HardisonInk.com Library Program
7-14-17 HardisonInk.com City Searches For Finance Worker
7-13-17 HardisonInk.com Williston City Council
7-13-17 HardisonInk.com Run For The Money
7-13-17 HardisonInk.com Chiefland considers fire protection fee for city property owners
7-12-17 HardisonInk.com WWII veteran is
7-12-17 HardisonInk.com CF invites students to enroll and make history
7-9-17 HardisonInk.com Botanical garden is among Williston attractions
7-8-17 HardisonInk.com Williston City Council member resigns
7-8-17 HardisonInk.com Hobbyist UAS pilot launches new drone
7-5-17 HardisonInk.com Cedar Key fireworks light up
7-4-17 HardisonInk.com Williston Independence Day Parade rings in spirit
7-1-17 HardisonInk.com Six men honored as first
7-1-17 HardisonInk.com 4th Annual Bell Blast