June 2017

Print Your Stories From HardisonInk.com – June 2017


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Jeff M. Hardison


6-30-17 HardisonInk.com Ken Griner named as Florida
6-30-17 HardisonInk.com FWC starts holiday patrols
6-28-17 HardisonInk.com LCSO offers Teen Driver
6-23-17 HardisonInk.com Hobbyist pilot flies over row crops
6-22-17 HardisonInk.com Paddle 5

6-22-17 HardisonInk.com Firefighter EMT honored
6-22-17 HardisonInk.com Adam Putnam campaigns in Jonesville
6-21-17 HardisonInk.com Safety Award
6-21-17 HardisonInk.com Princess manners shared in Bronson
6-21-17 HardisonInk.com BHS AJROTC cadets
6-20-17 HardisonInk.com Cedar Key Summer Youth Program
6-16-17 HardisonInk.com Levy County Public Library Summer Program sees
6-14-17 HardisonInk.com Williston Rotary Has Fun
6-14-17 HardisonInk.com WHS Class of 1927 remembered
6-14-17 HardisonInk.com Police chief evaluated
6-14-17 HardisonInk.com Hydroponic Devices Built
6-12-17 HardisonInk.com 4-H Awards Banquet
6-11-17 HardisonInk.com Car show at flea market

6-10-17 HardisonInk.com Praise In The Pavilion launches
6-9-17 HardisonInk.com Dixie County residents discuss future in Chamber
6-7-17 HardisonInk.com Levy County Animal Services offers low cost spay
6-7-17 HardisonInk.com Levy County amends comprehensive plan
6-7-17 HardisonInk.com County Commission honors EMT
6-6-17 HardisonInk.com Bronson accepts resignation
6-5-17 HardisonInk.com Suicide of Veteran affects war dog advocate
6-5-17 HardisonInk.com Chiefland Watermelon Festival
6-4-17 HardisonInk.com Tour de Melon attracts
6-4-17 HardisonInk.com 2017 Chiefland Watermelon Parade
6-2-17 HardisonInk.com Friday Watermelon Harvest