May 2017


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2017 Tri-County Graduates
5-26-17 Mending Fences uses horses
5-23-17 Financial planner speaks to Rotarians
5-22-17 New Badge Provided
5-21-19 FWC saves lives and conserves natural resources
5-21-17 Visiting sheriff honors
5-21-17 Inglis May 18 crash investigated by LCSO
5-20-17 Softball coach speaks about team
5-19-17 First Graders Rewarded
5-18-17 Levy County TDC Strives To Fill Empty Seats
5-18-17 Chiefland wins semi
5-18-17 AARP offers fun
5-16-17 Bronson Town Council unanimously rejects requests from town
5-13-17 Dixie County Chamber
5-12-17 Levy County delinquent tax list advertisement is published
5-12-17 Chiefland city elections are coming on Aug
5-12-17 Vet weighs in on city dog pound quality
5-12-17 Burn Ban update for Florida
5-12-17 Cross City seeks new city manager
5-12-17 City delays decision on pay increase for
5-11-17 Smoking is expensive
5-10-17 Kathleen Woodring honored
5-10-17 Chiefland wins
5-7-17 Lunch And Learn teaches that hope springs eternal
5-6-17 Stellar cast to perform in
5-6-17 Law Day celebrated in Gilchrist County
5-5-17 Williston begins negotiations
5-4-17 Surveillance cameras approved for purchase 4
5-4-17 Preliminary plat approved 4
5-4-17 Levy County agrees to
5-4-17 Chiefland boosts local economy and increases traffic safety with road project completion
5-2-17 Flowers Abound
5-2-17 Bronson family honors octogenarian patriarch
5-2-17 4 more CHS softball players
5-1-17 Wild Hog Canoe
5-1-17 FDLE arrests Cross City city manager