April 2017

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HardisonInkCopyrightHello readers and viewers. This site provides a place where people can print previously published articles and photos to put in scrapbooks and the like. All of the material here is protected by federal copyright laws. Therefore, it is not legal to copy and paste any part or all of any article or photograph in Facebook, or in paper publications (or on any other website, or on any TV station), from this site. This is a continuation of what formerly appeared on the Review Page of HardisonInk.com.
Jeff M. Hardison


4-2-17 HardisonInk.com Readers set new record
4-2-17 HardisonInk.com Mackenzie Henderson crowned
4-2-17 HardisonInk.com Florida Public Health units focus on prevention
4-2-17 HardisonInk.com Mark Johnson returns
4-4-17 HardisonInk.com Fairgoers have fun
4-5-17 HardisonInk.com GCFR pulls dog out of a deep hole
4-6-17 HardisonInk.com Eight spaces open for free caregiver class
4-6-17 HardisonInk.com School janitor busted for video cameras in bathrooms
4-7-17 HardisonInk.com Yankeetown School students are recognized for success in reading program
4-8-17 HardisonInk.com Old Florida Celebration of the Arts 2017
4-9-17 HardisonInk.com Island art fest draws thousands
4-11-17 HardisonInk.com Children Honored Cats Saved
4-11-17 HardisonInk.com Traveling Florida artist shows at Cedar Key
4-12-17 HardisonInk.com Attorney M Michael Osteen
4-12-17 HardisonInk.com Mayor touts Easter Egg hunt
4-12-17 HardisonInk.com Three Williston City Council Members
4-15-17 HardisonInk.com Haven Hospice shows appreciation
4-16-17 HardisonInk.com Expo and Fly In
4-16-17 HardisonInk.com First ever city sponsored
4-16-17 HardisonInk.com Plummeting to earth in a plane
4-18-17 HardisonInk.com Two separate plane crashes
4-21-17 HardisonInk.com Area Journalist covers ULA launch
4-21-17 HardisonInk.com Atlas V rocket launches
4-21-17 HardisonInk.com Lions prep for fish tournament
4-22-17 HardisonInk.com TriCounty Resource Center celebration
4-23-17 HardisonInk.com Wild Hog Race and results
4-26-17 HardisonInk.com Chiefland Lady Indians face Trenton Lady Tigers
4-26-17 HardisonInki.com Yankeetown School and DCA launches experiment
4-29-17 HardisonInk.com Lady Tigers beat Lady Indians