March 2017


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Jeff M. Hardison


3-1-17 Bronson United Methodist Church
3-1-17 New CF campus set for August opening in Levy County Bell JROTC drill team competes
3-2-17 Blood donors give in Chiefland
3-2-17 Chiefland gets new employee
3-7-17 Remains of third victim found
3-7-17 Suspected school zone speeder also charged as a3-9-17
3-9-17 County waits to accept delinquent tax ad offer
3-10-17 Dixie County Chamber preps for Third Annual Expo
3-11-17 Woodpecker Visits Jemlands
3-13-17 First week of Suwannee River Fair and Livestock Show and Sale results shared
3-13-17 Hunter Sharp wins two championship titles again
3-13-17 Ryleigh Locke wins Grand Champion Heifer
3-13-17 Williston Police and Fire Annual Banquet shows
3-15-17 Drinda Merritt wins reelection
3-15-17 Fanning Springs
3-15-17 SRF Dog Show attracts 18 hard
3-17-17 The Death Penalty
3-18-17 Cloverbud Lamb
3-18-17 Trenton Quilt Festival
3-20-17 8 steak chefs compete
3-20-17 Palmetto police chief
3-21-17 Hannah Quincey creates cover
3-21-17 Levy County approves
3-22-17 Chiefland exhibitor wins Grand Champion in Feeder Steer Show
3-22-17 Porkahontas wins Grand Champion Swine
3-22-17 4-1 endorsement of gas tax hike
3-23-17 Steer and swine sell At SRF
3-24-17 Cedar Key women rock the fashion world
3-25-17 Hobbyist drone pilot records best flight so far
3-25-17 Tiffany Mongo wins
3-27-17 Crossing guard hurt while saving children
3-28-17 Plane Lands In Gulf Off Of Cedar Key Airport
3-30-17 Student inspires Rotarians
3-31-17 Levy County Fair opens
3-31-17 Levy County Fair Offers Plenty
3-31-17 WHS AJROTC Students Recognized