August 2016

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Jeff M. Hardison

8-31-16 Cedar Key braces for tropical storm
8-28-16 WMHS story unwraps
8-27-16 Bell Beats Bronson
8-23-16 Teal Pomeroy will be missed
8-23-16 Old Town businessman graduates
8-19-16 Four candidates answer questions
8-19-16 New Suwannee Valley Rotary Officers
8-19-16 Rotarians to help CPD
8-17-16 Levy County delays resolution for Suwannee River
8-17-16 Levy County Commission increases budget
8-16-16 Hearing officer rules in favor of Fanning Springs Fire Chief Ron McQueen
8-15-16 Grandfather and granddaughter team up
8-15-16 Audience applauds speech for Fanning Springs
8-12-16 Fanning Springs Qualifying Ends
8-11-16 Suspected swindler enters
8-10-16 Fanning Springs mayor seems to be upset again
8-8-16 July traffic shows
8-6-16 Second forum offers insight about
8-6-16 Dixie County Accepts Check
8-4-16 Lifesaving couple honored