March 2016

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Jeff M. Hardison


3-30-16 Waste Pro of Florida sponsorship
3-29-16 Withlacoochee Area Chamber Mixer happens
3-29-16 Trenton Rotarians learn about chiropractic neurologist
3-29-16 Fanning Springs recall petition fails
3-26-16 SRF sales help children
3-24-16 Awards ceremony honors winners
3-23-16 Best In Show for fashion chosen
3-23-2016 Library director gives a modest proposal
2016 Suwannee River Fair Awards Ceremony
3-21-16 Quilt festival endures drizzle
3-21-16 Community meeting scheduled for tonight
3-20-16 Mr. Loran’s BBQ
3-18-16 Levy County Prevention Coalition shines at luncheon
3-18-16 Multiple departments respond after Andrews Nursery building ignites
3-18-16 Eighth Judicial Circuit Public Defender Stacy
3-15-16 2015 Williston Firefighter of The Year is Kenny Maddox
3-12-16 Animals At Market
3-11-16 Fighter jet pilots fly in formation
3-10-16 Chili cooks
3-9-16 David Knowles resigns
3-8-16 Dogan S. Cobb dies
3-7-16 Fanning Springs clerk returns money
3-7-16 State Attorney Cervone
3-7-16 Create-a-Con
3-6-16 City clerk imposes
3-2-16 Rotary Club of Williston
3-2-16 Bell High School JROTC
3-1-16 Recreational fisherman
3-1-16 Nancy Wininger is elected