Print Your Stories From – November 2015


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Jeff M. Hardison


November 2015
11-30-15 Paintball fields open in Dixie County 
11-30-15 CPD seeks camera
11-29-15 Cedar Key Woman
11-27-15 Clay Landing Days wraps up Saturday
11-24-15 Chiefland firefighter to be honored
11-24-15 Hospital coming to Chiefland
11-22-15 Tigers beat Bears
11-20-15 HardisonInkcom Williston Honors Veterans
11-18-15 HardisonInkcom Williston declares war on sinkhole
11-17-15 HardisonInkcom Cross City holds 15th Annual Veterans Day
11-12-15 HardisonInkcom Gilchrist County heralds Veterans Day
11-11-15 HardisonInkcom Clyatt House Learning Center honors veterans
11-10-15 HardisonInkcom City approves RV park by 4
11-9-15 HardisonInkcom Levy County murder case assisted by reality show
11-6-15 HardisonInkcom Double murder rocks
11-6-15 HardisonInkcom BMHS Career Day succeeds
11-4-15 HardisonInkcom Rotarians learn about Thanksgiving
11-3-15 HardisonInkcom Proposed RV Park
11-2-15 HardisonInkcom 8th Annual Fall Car Show
11-1-15 HardisonInkcom Bears vanquish the Knights