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Jeff M. Hardison


10-30-15 HardisonInkcom Dixie & Levy groups try to prevent drug abuse
10-29-15 HardisonInkcom CF Provost Explains Classes
10-25-15 HardisonInkcom Chiefland student plans to run in Australia this summer
10-24-15 HardisonInkcom Publisher Revamps Website
10-24-15 HardisonInkcom CF announces partnership for forestry program
10-24-15 HardisonInkcom Bell prepares to honor vets
10-19-15 HardisonInkcom Haven Hospice Event at Putnam Lodge
10-17-15 HardisonInkcom World Loses an Extraordinary Man
10-12-15 HardisonInkcom Dixie Music Celebrates
10-9-15 HardisonInkcom RGH Williston Preps for Nuclear Medicine

9-22-15 HardisonInkcom People Speak to State Leaders
9-20-15 HardisonInkcom Pirates Invade Cedar Key
9-19-15 HardisonInkcom Brad Etheridge
9-11-15 HardisonInkcom Teen Champion Reader
8-26-15 HardisonInkcom Copyright In The Digital Age
8-21-15 HardisonInkcom Albert Fuller Honored
8-17-15 HardisonInkcom Flood Victims
8-17-15 HardisonInkcom Airplane Crash
JUNE 2015
6-26-15 HardisonInkcom State Fire College
6-23-15 HardisonInkcom Tummond to FBI
6-4-15 HardisonInkcom Dead Trees Explained
MAY 2015
5-23-15 HardisonInkcom Dixie County Earns Top in Nation
5-15-15 HardisonInkcom WHS Baseball Second State Championship
5-12-15 HardisonInkcom CHS Softball Wins Second Title